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Hello and welcome to my blog! As you can probably guess by now, I am a guy who is constantly working on living a healthier lifestyle! I also have a passion for music, video games, and I love keeping up with the latest tech toys. I am a bit weird as I have an Android phone and I also rock an Ipad.

My purpose for this blog is to provide you with the Motivation to get off the sidelines and back into the game called life! It is too easy to become lazy with the foods we eat. Now add on to this by the lack of activity in our daily lives and things can and will spiral on a downward trend if left unchecked.

Dedication and Perspiration round out what I think we all need to achieve any level of success. You have to be committed to your goals while also putting in the work and sweat to get it done!

Again, welcome to my site and let’s get busy doing the little things that can and will impact the quality of our lives!